Flare bible study

The scriptures really are a pattern

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or less than 1080p?

The app was originally created for presentations on 1080p screens or larger.  

If you have a smaller screen, there’s a demo page, but not the full experience. 



Flare is at the proof of concept stage. The application maps specific subjects to their location in the bible, and also maps what related subjects are in those verses. 

Flare was originally intended for mapping scriptures while they are explained in a presentation, but I’d like to finish the development of this software and make an interactive guide to walk users through the study. 

If you like what you see, please donate to my Patreon campaign so development can continue. 

Flare bible study, for Presentations


This project is open source and available to the community on GitHub. 

While you could just fork it, I would love to have some contributors to join the project. 

Patreon Support

 We have to eat, so if you see the benefit of this project in doing the Lords work, please donate financially. All proceeds will allow for full time development on Flare, and many additional interactive features that might not make it in there otherwise.