Christals Breakfast & the Newspaper – Day 27 – 28

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No real travel report in this one: just some cool stuff that happened around town. Two days from now, I’d like to be in Revelstoke BC, leaving me a good week to get over Rogers pass and through my first patch of true Grizzly country. Good thing I’ve got lots of rope to hang all this food away from a hungry bear!

I stayed in town on Saturday but didn’t make it to the local SDA church. It was about a half hour ride away, up hills, with the risk of rain, and I didn’t really sleep to well the night before. Friday night I left Tim Hortons at 11PM after doing blog and Facebook updates, and hoped there just might be a place to camp near Walmart. Turns out they were a bit keen on this during the planning stage, and the newly constructed building (a year or two old maybe?) had landscaping with snail infested cattail type plants everywhere. But by the time I got there it was too late to look for a new spot, so I camped on the property line in a doggy doo-doo smelling grass patch too small for my tent.

This wasn’t an unpack all your stuff situation, so I only took what was absolutely necessary, leaving my waterproof duffel bag closed and missed out on my fleece blanket. After almost freezing to death I got up and dug out an easily accessible pair of wet suit material booties and a pair of disposable hand warmers to open and toss in them. Once my feet were warm I slept like a baby until 5:30AM, then needed to escape the invading snails and wafts of doggy doo.

Saturday night I found a good spot on a berm in a bird sanctuary next to the lake. This was a great spot, there were so many types of birds singing this morning, and then while packing up, a woman and her dog that I had passed the day before brought me breakfast and a thermos full of coffee.

Salmon Arm, BC



Cyrstals Breakfast and the Newspaper:

Now, normally I would tell a person I don’t drink coffee but today for some reason I did drink coffee. Isn’t it weird how that happens sometimes?While going with the flow of things we sometimes step out of our normal pattern. Today that sort of thing was a good thing, an answer to prayer really.

If you have been following along, then you may remember my comment I in Chase BC about looking to see how Gods plan to get me to Golden BC on 20$ was going to work out. Well, after that I reconised that my Contigo water bottle was leaving me feeling kinda sick when drinking from it, then realised there’s all this gunk in a part I can’t really clean. So it has been cut from rotation and I really needed a new one. Crystal brought me like a liter and a half of coffee in a big Bubba thermos with a pop up drink spout like the Contigo, then said I could keep it and the lunch bag with the egg sandwich she brought. The lunch bag contained an orange, coffee creamer, and sugar too. How awesome is that?

The egg sandwich was good really good. I was thinking like a egg salad sandwich but instead it was my favourite, fried egg with cheese on toasted bread. It was still warm and had become like an egg grilled cheese sandwich. So good!

Crystal walked her dog for a while and then was walking by the pathway that lead to the berm and I walked over and thanked her for breakfast. After talking for a few moments she came over to the berm while I packed up and told me she and her children live on 3 acres with a fire pit and that I could camp in their back yard tonight. So, when I’m done writing this here blog, I’ll head over there.

Now, there’s a special reason I’m around to stay for another night. Yesterday, a senior aged woman in an electric wheelchair said hello as we crossed paths in an empty intersection near the waterfront. I could tell she wanted to talk to me so I circled about.

The woman in the wheelchair was named Karen, and she was excited to hear about where the guy with all this stuff was coming from and where he was going. After hearing that I was riding to St Johns Newfoundland, she asked if I’d stay and talk to a reporter for the newspaper on Monday. I agreed since no campsites are open in Banff National Park until May 4, leaving me a good 20 days to ride 280 kilometres (I’ll be climbing enough hills during that period to equal over two kilometers in vertical distance).

So, if I hear from Karen by tomorrow morning, then the kindest city in Canada so far (Yale BC being a close second) Salmon Arm BC will have a bit of buzz about my journey across Canada to raise money for autism. Its so nice to run into people with so much kindness to show strangers.

Since this journey began, I’ve talked a lot about the love people have in their hearts. In Yale there was the NDP Politician Dennis and his 90 kilometer trip to pick me up in the dark. There was TJ with his family and only enough room for me to squeeze in, and then others from his tribe who stored my bike or gave me and my gear a ride to a good place to hitch hike out of Lytton. And we can’t forget Joe from Prince George who went a few hours out of his way to get me safely to Kamloops.

In Kamloops there was Rick who gave me his dependable old bike, and Doug who walked an hour to bring me PB&J sandwiches and a little survivalist water bottle that collapses. There was Ferrell and his family in Chase who saved me from a ton of mid-night effort after others thought I might be a white devil. Crystal making me breakfast was a good sign she has the love too, she thought I was homeless and understanding hard times herself, thought she’d do something nice for me. And there were others, the woman from the food bank here – Wendy was her name, and Karen who would like others to hear about others being cared for.

There’s something this group including myself all have in common. With some of them its belief in Jesus Christ, but not with the majority. What we all have in common is that we are all sinners; at the very root, just like each other; prone to being selfish, even to our own hurt.

But whether we believe in him or not, it is God that is love, and when we have love in us, even just a little bit, its because he chose to put a part of himself in us.

“Beloved, let us love one another, because love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” –The Disciple John

1st John 4:7&8

For most of us God doesn’t make a lot of sense right now, our needs are met, we live in a safe society [built on Christian morals], and Gods truth seems not to make sense in the face of what we think we know through the rendition of a system of physical observations (science). But as a person who needed a God to exist just to be able to want to live while I experienced the nightmare of a super rare infection, I can tell you, there’s something beautiful about being forgiven for my faults, as well as forgiving others of their faults towards me. There is life in it! And its God who taught me about it.

I believe in God because through circumstance I needed him again; but I have also witnessed miracles with others, and now look to those events as additional proof why I have faith. Back when God didn’t make sense to me in the face of science, those miracles were a thorn in my side, and even when I’d just deny them because it messed with my agenda of not feel guilty, somehow I it was pride that stood in my way.

Ironically it was only when I fully recognised the gift that Jesus Christ was for us, when I truly understood it and asked for forgiveness, that I no longer felt guilty for the things I’ve done wrong. There was freedom in it, and even new found desire to go back and try and mend some of the brokenheartedness others may have experienced because of my behaviour.

We may not all like the truth about how love is sourced, but when we do something kind to for someone who doesn’t know us, that’s what God would do; and that’s exactly what Jesus did, he did something for people like you and I who didn’t know him so that we could have life. In addition he also sustains us through the kindness of strangers, people who make mistakes, people who are gonna make new ones but also know what the good stuff its. Its love.

Think on this:
Forgiveness is love, and love costs something; and though at times it hurts to keep doing it, ultimately all it costs is more love. The rest, its just the feel good stuff.

And consider that pattern. Its beautiful!
Love is God, and God costs something; and though at times it hurts to keep realising it, ultimately all it cost was Jesus. The rest, its all him, just the good stuff.

“For it is by grace you have been saved through faith, and this not from yourselves; it is the gift of God, not by works (what we do), so that no man may boast.


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