Ducky Poo Stew and the “Bush Pilot” – Day 17

Dinner using ducky poo clod heavy water. And: After my bike frame broke while traveling, an Adventist in Kamloops helps me out.

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On Wednesday I got up early and headed to the Kamloops Adventist church where I worked on my new Brodie “Bush Pilot”. Finally by mid afternoon she was all fixed up and loaded with equipment. One more stop at the bike shop to get the back wheel trued, and I was ready to leave Kamloops.

Ironically, the bike is a yellow bush pilot, just like the countless missionary planes the Adventist church has their bush pilots flying.

me with my new Bush Pilot
My new Brodie “Bush Pilot” from the 80’s, sadly I don’t look so impressed in the only image that turned out
The yellow “Bush Pilot” planes Adventist World Aviation operates around the world.

After the bike shop, I found a flat spot on some sand in McArthur Island Park to set up camp, and began thinking about dinner.  After my tent was up I went down to the Thompson river to wash my cooking pot with sand (it still had spaghetti in it from Lytton) and to get some water for cooking.

my view on the Thompson river

The Thompson doesn’t have a lot of water right now because the snow pack isn’t melting to that degree yet, and there were a ton, I mean a ton of Canadian geese and ducks in it up stream. So, there were quite a few ducky poo clods floating by.

ducky poo clods
Ducky poo clods floating in the Thompson river

The best care was taken to avoid the clods but my pot had a good population of tiny green half digested plant life pieces in it. As I looked over at my dollar store bag containing the vegetable ramen noodles that would make a quick cooking experience, my stomach turned. Could I bear to eat ramen ever again if I cooked it with ducky poo? Just thinking of those little green leaf pieces in the ramen seasoning and how they’d be visible yet indistinguishable from the ones in the river water – there was no way ramen was on the menu tonight.

Not a big deal though, the explorers of Canada used to eat dinner with ducky poo water too. Since I’m travelling across Canada and back with no-frills, thats how I’ll make ends meet also.

There was about 2.5 weeks worth of dried food to choose from, so quinoa as the heaviest of it sounded good. But still, there was high in vitamin ducky seasonings in the water! Its in moments like these were a tomato base makes a ton of sense. The acidic nature of the taste, and its ability to blend so well with green vegetable matter.

*I laughed*, “Ducky poo quinoa stew is on the menu then”. Mixing in a bag of dried tomato vegetable soup did the job and I enjoyed it as much as any other dinner I’ve had with clean water, in portion because we’re talking about very a hungry man here. That and a little of the half digested plant matter is good for us once boiled anyway.

Tomatoes to the rescue

Those poor Canadian frontier explorers probably didn’t always have tomatoes with them. I’m just wondering what they used in a pinch – there must have been some pretty bland evenings over watered down very alkaline soup. So here’s to living in the future. woo!

This has me think of Elijah in the woods and how God sent ravens to bring him bread, a little raven saliva never hurt him. Or think of John the Baptist who lived in the wilderness and ate locust and honey! I wonder if he like, fried them up in honey and got a good caramel glaze going on them. . . ha!

There is a chance that the words on John the Baptists diet are misconceived. The same root word for the carob tree growing in the region was the same word for locust – as in the locust bean instead of locust creature. Maybe John the Baptist ate sweet carob and studied daily in his goat skin shorts while seeking shade in the dry heat of the middle east – that kinda sounds fun to someone dorky like me 🙂

Regardless, ducky poo stew, raven bread, locust and honey, that’s the stuff men eat – Get’er done, its all going to be okay in the end – haven’t you heard?

This is about love both now, and after.

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

Isaiah 52:7

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